Chosen Together: Online Community

Unsure how to proceed if your confirmation program cannot meet in person?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added a safe, private online community to our Chosen Together: Cross+Gen Confirmation experience!

Chosen Together has always had options to use online or in person. Now you can now subscribe to an online community for your confirmation program. A subscription will give your confirmation class a private group and the Chosen Together curriculum in an online course that can shift to in-person settings as it is safe to do so.


A group is your digital meeting space, which you can use instead of or in addition to your in-person classroom.

  • Safe and Private: Your church’s group will be yours alone. Only those you invite can see and access the group.
  • No distractions: Confirmands won’t have an unrelated feed or outside friends to distract them from their confirmation experience.
  • Community Conversations: The group is a place where confirmands, leaders, parents, and mentors can share images, write posts, and communicate with each other.
  • Live events: The platform invites video streaming, video meetings, and live chat times.
  • Personalization: Leaders have as much or as little control of the look, feel, and capabilities of the group as they want.

If you will not be meeting in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other reasons, you now have the option to connect to the Chosen Together curriculum as an online course! The writer, Natalie Hall, will film videos of each lesson’s background information, so—as a leader—you can be as involved in the actual curriculum teaching as you want.

Mobile App

Did we mention it comes with its own mobile app? Leaders and confirmands can participate in your group and the course from their mobile devices!

Leaders’ Connect

In addition to the above, confirmation leaders will have a private group of their own to connect with leaders from other congregations to support one another’s groups.

Optional Support

With your basic subscription, you can explore and customize all the possible capabilities of your digital group space. However, if the thought of learning one more new thing makes you want to scream, we can help! For a set-up fee, we will walk you through this customization process to make your space your own, without the added stress.