Why Upgrade?

Time to upgrade your curricula!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Spirit & Truth Publishing started our Living the Word (Narrative Lectionary) faith formation series over five years ago! If you ordered one of our Living the Word products back then, you played a huge role in that!

As the owner and publisher, I want to thank you for helping make this business and ministry successful and expand to the nine different Narrative Lectionary products we publish today!

As of last year (2018-2019), we have started our second cycle of the Narrative Lectionary. If you purchased one or more of the following products in 2015-2016 (Year 2), you are eligible for an upgrade discount for each product you would like to “upgrade” for the 2019-2020 program year.

Now, if you are still using the Narrative Lectionary or are considering starting again (for worship and/or education), you have two main options.

  • First, you could reuse the curriculum materials you used back in 2015-2016. Your End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) allows you to continue reusing these materials for the life of the purchasing congregation.
  • Second, you can upgrade to the Living the Word 2019-2020 products. See “Why Upgrade?” below for reasons why you might want to do that!
Why Upgrade?

Simply put, if you already have the curriculum, why spend any money purchasing it again? Excellent question! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider upgrading:

  1. New Lessons: Our 2019-2020 products have three brand-new lessons that weren’t in the 2015-2016 versions. There are two main reasons for this. One, Epiphany, that changeable season, has two more weeks in 2020. Second, there was one Sunday in 2015-2016 that we didn’t create lessons for (Advent 4), as we were still just starting out.
  2. New Content: We have added content to each of the lessons that were produced for 2015-2016. Approximately 10% of each lesson is new. Also, minor changes have been made by the creators of the Narrative Lectionary, and those changes were integrated into the 2019-2020 materials.
  3. Higher Quality: We were still finding our footing in 2015, and we’ve learned a lot since then! So, the lessons have been revised to meet our improved Editorial Guidelines. And, to be honest, as awesome as our 2015-2016 writers were, the revision team who have worked on the 2019-2020 products have a lot more experience (including the contributors who worked on the earlier versions!).
  4. Updated Format: In our 2016-2017 (Year 3) products, we implemented improvements in the general format of the lessons. To name a few, we added an annual theme, multi-week units written around a central theme, a Point to focus each lesson, and a common set of daily Bible readings shared with each and every Living the Word product. The 2015-2016 lessons have been updated to this new format.
  5. New Dates: This is the most basic change. Each lesson is written for a specific date, so the dates for the 2015-2016 lessons have 2015-2016 dates on them. That’s clearly changed. Upgrading to the newest version will make it easier and cleaner for your teachers to know which lesson to use.

So, while you could just dust off your 2015-2016 curricula, handwrite the new dates, and create your own lessons for the missing ones, don’t you want to upgrade?

If you do wish to upgrade and haven’t received the discount code(s), please contact the publisher.

If you do not wish to upgrade but cannot find the older files to download in your Customer Account, please also contact the publisher for assistance.