Revised Common Lectionary Resource

Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (RCL)


Here at Spirit & Truth Publishing, we are excited to announce our newest addition to our Living the Word series: an intergenerational classroom resource that follows the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)!

Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (Revised Common Lectionary) is a curriculum product that is based on our popular Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (Narrative Lectionary) curriculum. Like both our Narrative Lectionary Cross+Gen curriculum products (Education/Classroom and Worship), this new RCL curriculum provides a resource for congregations who are looking to begin or continue intergenerational ministry in an educational setting while following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) they are using in worship.

The Revised Common Lectionary consists of a schedule of four Scripture readings:

  • First reading (often from the Old Testament)
  • Psalm
  • Second reading (a non-Gospel New Testament passage)
  • Gospel reading.

These readings are usually grouped together by a common theme.

A huge strength of the RCL is that the readings follow the various seasons and festivals of the church (liturgical) year. This is why the church seasons and festivals are an important focus of each Cross+Gen lesson, after the most important focus, the Gospel reading.

Each lesson follows the same pattern:

  • Lesson Overview and Background: These contain important background information, which includes a Key Verse and The Point (main idea of the lesson).
  • Into the Word: An introductory activity (a “set” for you educators) that introduces participants to the themes of the Gospel reading.
  • Seasons of the Word: An activity that focuses on the current church festival or season.
  • Learning the Word: The central activity that provides a creative “Bible study” on the day’s Gospel reading.
  • The Word in the World: An activity that challenges participants to take the Gospel with them into the world the coming week, living out what they have learned.
  • Beyond the Gospel: An activity that centers around either the first (Old Testament) or second (New Testament) lectionary reading.
  • Additional Activities: Three activities that focus either on the church festival/season, Gospel reading, or secondary reading, providing leaders with a variety of choices to mold each session to best fit the participants.
  • Sending: A lesson wrap-up and prayer.
  • The Word @ Home: A two-page take-home sheet which includes a summary of the information covered in the lesson and suggestions for home devotions, including one selected reading per day from the official RCL Daily Lectionary.

Check out our Sample Lesson and Scope & Sequence!

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