Revised Common Lectionary (2020-2021)

Here at Spirit & Truth Publishing, we are excited to announce our two newest addition to our Living the Word series: a faith formation curriculum for families at home and an intergenerational classroom resource, both of which follow the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)!

Living the Word: God’s Word @ Home (RCL)

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to safely gather as congregations for worship and faith formation, we have created a simple faith formation product that is designed to be emailed (or otherwise sent) home to families so that they can continue their faith formation together in safety. Congregations may be easing back into a new “normal” over the course of this coming year, and this resource will give you flexibility to continue Christian education during that process. You can also order by quarter (season) if you are not yet ready to commit to an entire year.

Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (RCL)

  • Are you looking to build positive, faith-forming relationships between members of your congregation, young and old?
  • Do you want families to learn and grow together?
  • Are your traditional Sunday school classes struggling to function without predictable attendance?
  • Do you use the Revised Common Lectionary in worship?

Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (Revised Common Lectionary) is a curriculum product that is based on our popular Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (Narrative Lectionary) curriculum. Like both our Narrative Lectionary Cross+Gen curriculum products (Education/Classroom and Worship), this new RCL curriculum provides a resource for congregations who are looking to begin or continue intergenerational ministry in an educational setting while following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) they are using in worship.


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Are you excited about cross+generational ministry? We publish four other cross+generational products: a Cross+Gen Confirmation curriculum and four in our Living the Word: Teaching God’s Story (Narrative Lectionary) series.

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