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LtW: Cross+Gen Worship Sample (Year 4)



Get all ages involved and interacting during your worship service!  Check out our Narrative Lectionary-based Living the Word: Exploring God’s Story Together (Cross+Generational Worship) guides, which provides background information and interactive worship activities that gets the entire congregation active in worship with this full sample resource!  Use this resource in one or all of your worship services!

What is Cross+Generational ministry?

Cross+Generational ministry has at its core the concept that faith is passed on from generation to generation (back and forth) through meaningful relationships, and through finding our place in Gods story by exploring that story as a community.  Effective cross+generational experiences are:

          + Experiential

          + Interactive

          + Engaging

          + Story-centric

          + Home-based

          + Equalizing

all of which promote an encounter with God.  All of the activities included in this worship guide are intended to engage these principles, through intentional cross+generational interaction and active, creative activities that bring the Bible story to life in our lives.

 We pass on the faith through worship, and weaving teaching and learning moments into worship experiences reinforces the understanding that we are an active part of an ongoing story of Gods work in the world.

Each downloadable guide includes:
  • Background for Leaders – A big idea for the day (The Point), unit theme, background information, and a “Worship @ a Glance” menu of possible worship elements all make it easy for worship leaders to prepare for their own unique interactive worship service.
  • Worship Elements – Each worship guide contains a multitude of worship elements corresponding to the day’s Scripture reading!
    • Gathering – Interactive welcome and prayers.
    • Word – Creatively lead worshipers in “Learning the Story,” “Making Connections” in the Bible, and more!
    • Meal – Interactive Offering, Eucharistic Prayer, and Communion ideas.
    • Sending – At Home challenges, Closing Prayer, and a Blessing.