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LtW: Small Groups (Year 4)- Spring Guides


Spring 2018

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These discussion guides cover February 18, 2018 through May 20, 2018, the last 13 weeks of the Narrative Lectionary readings.

Does your congregation have small group Bible studies or would like to? Go through the story of the Bible with our updated 2017-2018 Living the Word: Small Group Guides (Year 4)!  Check out the Living the Word Scope and Sequence for the complete list of the 2017-2018 lessons!

Each downloadable guide includes (updated for 2017-2018):
  • Unit themes- The year of Narrative Lectionary readings  is divided into seven thematic units, each four to seven weeks long
  • The Point- Every lesson has a focal point or big idea that is stated right at the beginning. An added benefit is that this Point is the same each week throughout all of our Living the Word products!
  • About the Story- A short summary of the Bible background information makes it easy for small group with or without leaders to prepare to dig deeper into each Bible reading.
  • Weekly Pattern- The same pattern is repeated each week to give a group an optional structure for their discussions, including an opening prayer, gathering activity, main Bible study, spiritual practice challenge, and closing prayer.
  • Sidebars- Several sidebars give additional information to each guide, including a connection to the last week’s  and the next week’s lessons, connections to related Bible passages, and informative passages on general topics of the Bible.
  • Weekly Devotional Helps- Each discussion guide ends with a series of spiritual practice challenges for the coming week, as well as a list of suggested daily Bible readings to bridge the gap between Sundays.

All lesson materials are available as digital download (PDF file) for printing or using electronically.

LtW- Small Group (Year 4) Introduction Letter

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