Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in working with us at Spirit & Truth Publishing!  Please find below the most current versions of our Theological and Editorial Guidelines as well as the job descriptions for independent contractor positions we are looking to fill.  If you have any questions that are not answered here, please use the Contact Us page or call the publisher at (262) 358-6574!

Job Descriptions

We are currently looking for contributors for the position listed below! (Note: We are currently only accepting applications from U.S. citizens residing in the United States. If you have questions about this, please contact the publisher.)

Current Job Descriptions

Bible Background Writers: 

Living the Word- Contexts & Connections Writer Description

Living the Word- Contexts & Connections Editorial Guidelines


General Guidelines

Living the Word- Theological Guidelines

Living the Word- Style Guide



Frequently Asked Questions

How is compensation determined?

Compensation is set in each contract with a flat fee per task (per Teacher’s/Leader’s Guide written or edited, etc.).


Do you offer benefits or other employment opportunities?

Currently, Spirit & Truth Publishing only has one full-time worker (the owner/publisher) and all other members of the team are independent contractors. Perhaps this will change sometime, but there are no plans to expand in the near future.


I have a great book that I’m writing!  Will you publish it?

No. Spirit & Truth Publishing is a small company that publishes only digital/downloadable faith formation materials for Christian congregations.


I have a great faith formation resource for congregations I’ve written that would be a great addition to your catalog.  Will you publish it?

At this point in time, our resources are well suited for our current project load and we are not actively seeking to expand our catalog.  However, you are welcome to submit a brief proposal to the publisher.  In a single page, please submit a letter that details your suggested product, any audience/market research, your requested compensation structure, and a brief description of your purpose and personal theology.  Please be sure to read the Theological Guidelines available above to get an idea of what we look for.


I have a question not listed here!

Please feel free to submit your question(s) through the Contact Us page or call the publisher at (262) 358-6574!