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Is your congregation Living the Word? Do you want to bring them into the sweeping story of God and God’s people as revealed in the Bible? Living the Word: Teaching God’s Story is a set of full-year Christian education materials for students of all ages! These materials teach students the Story of God’s love in Scripture and, if your congregation is using the Narrative Lectionary, matches what students learn in their class or small group to what they hear in worship. Living the Word also facilitates better engagement with students in the worship service and furthers discussions of faith in the home!




Spring Resources: It’s time to order your spring Living the Word (Narrative Lectionary) products? Spring quarter starts at the beginning of Lent and ends on Pentecost Sunday. Check out our Spring Resources for all of your faith formation needs!






Check out these Living the Word products:

2017-2018 Resources: Living the Word (Year 4- Narrative Lectionary)



Contexts & Connections is a set of resources that helps faith formation leaders of all varieties understand each of the covered Bible passages better, both in terms of its original context and how the passage can be connected to other Scriptures, media, and others!




Our two elementary-aged Living the Word curricula, Kids (PK-2nd) and Kids (3rd-6th) are our original Narrative Lectionary-based products. They teach kids the amazing love of God through the story of the Bible.




Whether your junior high and high school youth are in confirmation, youth group, or a different form of faith formation, they can learn the story of the Bible through study and a variety of fun activities with our Living the Word: Youth materials!



Do you have any small groups going at your congregation? Check out our easy-to-use Living the Word: Small Group discussion guides to allow a little or no prep discussion on the Bible passages that make up the Narrative Lectionary! Our discussion guides are designed to allow for groups with or without designated leaders.



Explore God’s amazing story together and build life-giving intergenerational community in your congregation with our Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education, classroom-based product! Bring the unique wisdom of each generation together in this fun, active, and easy-to-use curriculum that follows the Narrative Lectionary. Purchase the whole year, try it for a season, or buy individual lessons to fit your schedule!




Bring your worship experience to life and engage all generations together with our Living the Word: Cross+Gen Worship product. Worshippers actively participate in worship and build life-giving intergenerational relationships with these interactive liturgies crafted around each Narrative Lectionary reading. Purchase the whole year, try it for a season, or buy individual lessons to fit your schedule!



Help your congregation members build their faith throughout the week with our Living the Word: Sharing God’s Story @ Home devotional bulletin inserts. Each week, provide individuals, households, and groups of all sizes and configurations with daily Bible readings connecting one Sunday’s reading with the next, as well as mealtime prayers, conversation starters, and other devotional resources!


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Reinforce learning with song! Living the Word: Singing God’s Story is a set of original songs aimed at PK-6th grade students that follow the Narrative Lectionary and correspond with the themes and main ideas of our other products. Use them with your elementary faith formation classes, children’s choir, or even in worship! Included is a theme song for the entire year, and then one for every one or two units, reinforcing the Bible stories covered.



Check out some of our planning resources, including our FREE NL Planning Tool,  a Curriculum Scope & Sequence, and list of Year 4 Narrative Lectionary Readings!



FREE and NEW for 2017-2018! Access the Living the Word Daily Lectionary readings from our website, or subscribe to the calendar feed to put the readings on your electronic calendar (computer or mobile)!



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And in our NEW Together: Cross+Generational Experiences series:

Please note that Chosen Together can be used in conjunction with our Living the Word: Youth materials, but does not itself follow the Narrative Lectionary. Instead Chosen Together moves through the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, and more. Discover more here!

Product Flexibility

Living the Word ordering is flexible! You can order a full year of materials or individual seasons (Fall, Winter, or Spring).  Pricing for most products are based on size, so smaller congregations pay less!  All materials are available for download (as PDF or MP3 files) as soon as you pay!

In addition, 10% of our profits will be donated to Lutheran World Relief to further their “work with Lutherans and partners around the world to end poverty, injustice and human suffering” (LWR Mission Statement).

Living the Word lessons not only bring the stories alive through role play and creative activities, but they give the teacher many avenues to dig deeper and uncover new layers of meaning for those students who have heard the stories many times before. The 4-year cycle means that there is less repetition of classic stories and room to include unusual stories such as the Valley of Dry Bones. Lessons come with a way to show children where we are in the Bible, offer a closing prayer, and often offer other prayer ideas. I have taught Sunday School for years in various denominations; I feel this curriculum is one of the best in training our children to pray, empowering them to read the Bible on their own, and celebrating God’s love.
Adriana Hageman, Sunday School Teacher, St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kingston, ON (Canada)

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