Release Dates

Updated March 1, 2024

Learning Together Units (Overview)
PRODUCTRelease Date/Availability
The I AM Statements of JesusAvailable Now
Do JusticeAvailable Now
God’s Gift of WaterAvailable Now
Women of the Old TestamentAvailable Now
Bible 101Available Now
Heroes of the BibleAvailable Now
Created to CareAvailable Now

2023-2024 Products (Use through May 2024)

All of our 2023-2024 products are online and available for download, including:

  • Living the Word: Narrative Lectionary (Year 2, 2023-2024) Products (Overview)
  • Living the Word: Revised Common Lectionary (Years A & B, 2023-2024) Product (Overview)
Key Bible Stories (For Sunday Schools and Elementary Schools) (Overview)
Classroom (Year Green, PK-2nd)March 2024April 2024June 2024
Classroom (Year Green, 3rd-6th)March 2024April 2024June 2024
Narrative Lectionary (Year 3, 2024-2025) (Overview)
Contexts & Connections (NL)Available NowMay 2024July 2024
Kids (NL, PK-2nd)Available NowMay 2024July 2024
Kids (NL, 3rd-6th)Available NowMay 2024July 2024
Youth (NL)Available NowMay 2024August 2024
Small Group Guides (NL)Available NowMay 2024August 2024
Cross+Gen Education (NL)Available NowMay 2024August 2024
Cross+Gen Worship (NL)Available NowMay 2024August 2024
Sharing God’s Story @ Home (Weekly Devotional, NL)Available NowMay 2024August 2024
Singing God’s Story (NL)Available NowMay 2024August 2024
Revised Common Lectionary (Years B & C) 2024-2025 (Overview)
Cross+Gen Education (RCL Years B & C, 2024-2025)Available NowApril 2024June 2024

If one or more quarters of a product you order are not available for download (see instructions here), you will be notified by email and can download the lessons at that time from your Customer Account.