Release Dates

Updated June 16, 2021

All Living the Word (2020-2021) products (Narrative and Revised Common Lectionaries) are online and available for immediate download!

Living the Word: Narrative Lectionary (Year 4, 2021-2022) Products
God’s Story @ Home (Home-based)AVAILABLEAVAILABLEJuly 2021
Contexts & ConnectionsAVAILABLEJune 2021July 2021
Sharing God’s Story @ Home devotional insertsAVAILABLEAVAILABLEJuly 2021
Kids (PK-2nd)AVAILABLEJune 2021July 2021
Kids (3rd-6th)AVAILABLEJune 2021July 2021
Youth AVAILABLEJune 2021July 2021
Cross+Gen WorshipAVAILABLEJune 2021July 2021
Cross+Gen EducationAVAILABLEAVAILABLEJuly 2021
Singing God’s StoryAVAILABLEJune 2021July 2021
Living the Word: Revised Common Lectionary (Years B & C, 2021-2022) Product
God’s Word @ Home (Home-based)AVAILABLEJuly 2021August 2021
Cross+Gen EducationAVAILABLEJune 2021August 2021

If one or more quarters of a product you order are not available for download (see instructions here), you will be notified by email and can download the lessons at that time from your Customer Account.