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Forming faith and spreading the kingdom of God are the primary purposes of the church.

Faith formation happens best on a personal level, but busy professionals and volunteers often do not have the time or training to create resources. That is where we come in. Spirit & Truth Publishing creates faith formation resources: high-quality, flexible tools that you can use in the classroom, the sanctuary, the coffee shop, or the home.

Thanks so much for your products. They have been so great for our church for the last few years.

Stevie Thriepland, Director of Children and Youth Ministry, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Faith Formation Series

Here you can find our product within four primary series.

Learn and live out God’s Word with our Living the Word series of products.

+ Classroom: Key Bible stories for elementary Sunday school.

+ Narrative Lectionary: for children, youth, adults, leaders, intergenerational ministry, and households.

+ Revised Common Lectionary: for intergenerational ministry.

Learning Together is a series of short, flexible curriculum units on a variety of topics that can be used with:

+ Intergenerational ministry

+ Elementary Sunday school (including the rotation model)

+ Vacation Bible school

The Spirit & Truth series is for lower and upper elementary students to learn about:

+ Worship

+ Liturgy

+ Church festivals

Chosen Together engages confirmands with each other, their families, and their congregation. 

+ Ten Commandments

+ Apostles' Creed

+ Lord's Prayer

+ Sacraments

Personal coaching by the writer is available to help you get the program going!

Intergenerational Ministry Products

Within our four faith formation series, we have an overlapping category: cross+generational ministry. This category has resources that follow the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary (Bible overview).

Cross+Generational, or intergenerational, ministry aims to form faith by building strong relationships between disciples of all ages, honoring the knowledge, experience, and perspective of each generation and individual.

What Is Faith Formation? | What Is the Narrative Lectionary? | What Is Cross+Gen Ministry?