Giving Back

As an expression of our thankfulness of all God has blessed us with and our commitment to spreading the good news of Jesus through word and deed, Spirit and Truth Publishing will donate 10% of our profits to Lutheran World Relief (LWR). LWR is an effective human-service organization active throughout the world working to end poverty, injustice, and human suffering. Both the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) actively support the work of LWR, but their work goes far beyond denominational boundaries.

Why Lutheran World Relief?

Gregory Rawn, owner and publisher at Spirit and Truth Publishing, first chose Lutheran World Relief for two reasons. It was an organization that Greg thought highly of and supported personally, and second, the first curriculum Greg wrote and published (Spirit and Truth: Teaching Kids the Heart of Worship, which was also the only one Greg had planned to publish) used the ELCA Lutheran liturgy, therefore choosing a Lutheran organization to support made sense. Once Greg expanded to include the ecumenical Living the Word series, he considered changing the organization we donated to, but decided that as LWR helps all people, regardless of their religious background, there was no need to change our partnership.