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Are the kids in your congregation able to actively engage in your worship service? Do they know the meaning of important church festivals? Show them the way with Spirit & Truth: Teaching Kids the Heart of Worship! This innovative curriculum guides students through the meaning and importance of worship, the liturgy, and the church year with engaging stories, funny skits, and challenging activities.

  • PK-2nd-grade students learn the basic vocabulary and themes of our worship and church year along with the inquisitive animals of Mrs. Heron’s Sunday school class in our illustrated stories and picture books.
  • 3rd-6th-grade students catch the excitement of worshipping our loving God in body, mind, and spirit with a cast of rambunctious, questioning youth in our “readers’ theater” skits.

Ordering is flexible! You can choose as much or as little as you would like, including the full year (for PK-2nd grades and 3rd-6th grades), the individual units (Liturgy, Church Festivals, Advent, or Christmas Program), or individual lessons (PK-2nd grade or 3rd-6th grade). All unit materials are available for download as PDF files as soon as you pay! Single lesson orders will be emailed to the customer by the publisher.

In addition, 10% of our profits will be donated to Lutheran World Relief to further their work “to end poverty, injustice and human suffering” (LWR Mission Statement).

All too often it feels like we get in a rut of only going through the motions of worship, and we forget the meaning behind what we do. It was great to have a curriculum that helped our kids explore what worship is about and actually get excited about it!

Rev. Beth Schultz Byrnes, St. John-St. Paul Lutheran Parish (Berry-Marxville, WI)

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More Information

When you order Spirit & Truth curriculum materials, you also get…

  • Music Time Recommendations – Help kids feel at home with the musical traditions of your congregation with these recommendations!
  • Songs of the Month – Teach students important songs of faith!
  • WorshipNotes Forms – Inspired by sermon notes, these forms encourage kids to engage in the worship service with these easy-to-use forms!
  • Student Worship Leadership – Curriculum activities prepare students to write Prayers and even give a children’s sermon!

Note: If you would like more information about evaluation copies of this curriculum, please contact the publisher!

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