Revised Common Lectionary (2023-2024)

2023-2024 RCL Gospel Readings (Annual)

Are you looking for intergenerational resources that follow the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)? Look no further! Here at Spirit & Truth Publishing, we have created an intergenerational RCL classroom resource for the 2023-2024 program year.

Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (RCL Years A & B)

  • Are you looking to build positive, faith-forming relationships between members of your congregation, young and old?
  • Do you want families to learn and grow together?
  • Are your traditional Sunday school classes struggling to function without predictable attendance?
  • Do you use the Revised Common Lectionary in worship?

Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (Revised Common Lectionary) is a curriculum product that is based on our popular Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (Narrative Lectionary) curriculum. Like both our Narrative Lectionary Cross+Gen curriculum products (Education/Classroom and Worship), this RCL curriculum provides a resource for congregations who are looking to begin or continue intergenerational ministry in an educational setting while following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) they are using in worship.

I think they’re the easiest to use out anything that I’ve seen. I think that just about anybody can pick up a lesson and implement it. They suit us, and the teacher in me says “Good job!”

Becky Rogowski, GIFT Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church (Hays, KS)

Other Cross+Gen Products

Are you excited about cross+generational ministry? We publish four other cross+generational products: a Cross+Gen Confirmation curriculum and three in our Living the Word: Teaching God’s Story (Narrative Lectionary) series.

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