Cross+Generational Confirmation

Chosen Together: A Cross+Gen Confirmation Experience

Everyone a teacher. Everyone a learner. Everyone valued. Everyone chosen in Christ, together.

Dear Confirmation Leader,

Now, more than ever, your church needs novel ways to grow in faith together. With all of the uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us, you need a confirmation curriculum that works both in-person and online – and has the capacity to shift between the two.

This fall, get ready to introduce Chosen Together. The Chosen Together confirmation curriculum helps confirmation students thrive by setting up vital conversations at home, connecting confirmands with one another, and exploring their sense of belonging in the wider congregation.

Chosen Together offers a combination of online and in-person class options. With the ever-changing rules about sheltering-in-place and opening in-person, this curriculum allows confirmation leaders to make choices that best serve their community in any circumstance. Investing in Chosen Together includes optional, but recommended coaching by me, the curriculum’s author, to help you get started; with this coaching, I am available to answer questions as you introduce it to your church. Chosen Together is not “just one more video conference.” The curriculum engages imagery, reading, conversation, and community connections – all of which can be modified for our changing world. The pandemic changes things, yet God’s promises are firm. Introduce Chosen Together for your confirmands, their households, and your entire church so everyone experiences what it is to indeed be chosen together.

In Christ,
[The Rev. Canon] Natalie Hall+
Chosen Together Writer and Coach

Note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have offered an online community, a private, feature-rich digital meeting space with Chosen Together as an online course. Due to waning interest, we have decided not to continue to offer this service for the 2022-2023 program year. If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

  • Have you been trying to shoehorn your confirmation program into a “one-size-fits-all” curriculum?
  • Do you have specific needs to address, or a unique format that you want to use in your confirmation ministry, but are not sure how available curricula can address them?
  • Do you want to move your confirmation ministry from the “right” answers to a ministry focused on building relationships within confirmands’ families and connecting them with the whole congregation?

What I like about the Chosen Together curriculum is that if a student misses class, they aren’t necessarily missing out on content because they already possess it in their student books. I also like how it gets students and parents reading the Bible together, discussing how the Scriptures relate or don’t relate to their current lives, and are praying together at home.

Rev. Katherine M Pennington, East Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amery, WI

Welcome to a new approach to confirmation! In partnership with the Rev. Natalie Gessert Hall, we are publishing Chosen Together: A Cross+Gen Confirmation Experience as a new approach to catechism instruction.  Chosen Together is more than a standard confirmation curriculum, it is a personalized approach to transform your confirmation program into an inclusive, flexible, relationship-building experience that will engage the confirmands, families, and entire congregation in the conversation.

With Chosen Together, everyone is a teacher, everyone is a learner, everyone is valued, and everyone is chosen in Christ together.

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Students, families, leaders, and the congregation participate in an unfolding conversation about Christian faith and life with this curriculum paired with a consultation with the writer.

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