Cross+Generational Ministry

Cross+generational (or intergenerational) ministry is, at its core, the building up of the Body of Christ. What makes it unique is the focus on intentional faith formation where individuals of different ages come together, build relationships, and learn from each other. The central tenet of cross+gen is that everyone, no matter what age, has something to teach, and everyone, no matter what age, has something to learn. Learn more on our What is Cross+Generational Ministry? page.

Three of our six cross+generational products are a part of our Living the Word (Narrative Lectionary) product series, which follows a calendar of Bible readings called the Narrative Lectionary. One follows the Revised Common Lectionary. The fifth product is a curriculum designed to strengthen the confirmation experience by bringing together confirmands, families, and other congregational members. The sixth and newest product, Learning Together, is a set of flexible, independent units on a variety of themes or topics.





Home Curriculum (RCL)
Bring learning home for family faith formation with the Revised Common Lectionary.

Cross+Gen Education
(Revised Common Lectionary)

Explore God’s Word in the Revised Common Lectionary together.

Cross+Gen Worship
(Narrative Lectionary)

Explore God’s story together in worship.

Chosen Together
A cross+gen conversation about faith and life.

Home Curriculum (NL)
Bring learning home for family faith formation with the Narrative Lectionary.

Cross+Gen Education
(Narrative Lectionary)

Explore God’s story in the Narrative Lectionary together in the classroom.

Weekly Devotional

(Narrative Lectionary)

Devotional resource for your households.

Learning Together
Flexible units for Cross+Gen, Children, and VBS.

First and foremost, the [Narrative Lectionary Cross+Gen] materials are solid theologically. The second strength is that they are creative. The third thing that I appreciate about them is that they are intended to invite conversation and to really be relational.

Rev. Karleen Jung, Grace & Glory Lutheran Church (Prospect, KY)

Note: Two home-based, intergenerational products, Living the Word: God’s Word @ Home (RCL) and Living the Word: God’s Word @ Home (NL) have been discontinued for the 2022-2023 program year and beyond as they were created as an immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic has continued, the need for these products, quite popular in 2020-2021, has lessened. The 2020-2021* and 2021-2022 products will remain available for purchase. We will consider continuing this series if there is sufficient interest. To communicate your interest, please let us know on our contact form.

*Note that the Revised Common Lectionary readings for 2023-2024 are Years A & B, which are mostly the same as 2020-2021.

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