Customer Service FAQ

Does Spirit and Truth Publishing offer any physical products?
At this time, all of our products are available as digital downloads (PDF documents or MP3 files), downloadable from our website. We do not offer or ship any physical products.

Where can I find coupons for Spirit and Truth Publishing products?
Coupon codes (also sometimes called discount codes) are published during special promotions through our monthly eNewsletter WorshipNEWS and through our Facebook page. Sign up for our Newsletter list and like us on Facebook to get more information! Once you have a coupon code, use it in your shopping cart or at checkout!

Do I need a Tax Exempt number to order?
Maybe. At this time, we are not set up to collect sales tax, so all orders must be tax exempt. However, interstate (US) electronic commerce is not currently taxed, so if you live in the US outside the state of Wisconsin (where we are located), you do not need a tax exempt number. If you do live or work in the state of Wisconsin, you will need to provide your tax exempt number. If you do not know your tax exempt number, please contact the appropriate leader or staff person in your congregation. If your congregation is outside of Wisconsin, please type in INTERSTATE in the Tax Exempt Number box.

How can my congregation pay for products?
Congregations can purchase products from Spirit and Truth Publishing through this website. Products may be paid by credit card, check, or PayPal payment. If you pay by check, products will not be available for download until after your check has been received and processed at Spirit and Truth Publishing.

Can I receive an invoice for our treasurer to pay?
You may print the email order receipt you received after placing your order, which includes the total order, order #, and mailing address to which to send your check. However, if you would like a more detailed invoice, please contact the publisher at or (262) 358-6574.

When can I download my purchases?
If you are paying by credit card, your purchases should be available for download as soon as you place your order. If you are paying by check, an email will be sent to you within five (5) business days of our receiving your check. Products designated for pre-order will be available by or before the announced release date.

Where do I download my purchases?
You may access your downloadable purchases via the email you received with the links or your “My Account” page. Click here to access your “My Account” page.  A “Customer Login” link can also be found in the website footer.

What do I do if I made a mistake in my order or change my mind?
If you haven’t clicked on the links to the files you purchased or otherwise downloaded or accessed the files, you may contact the publisher at or (262) 358-6574 and request an order cancellation. Once you have accessed the products online and/or downloaded them, then you may request an order change or refund. If, due to an order change, additional payment is required, full payment must be received before access to the order is granted. If, due to an order change, a partial refund is required, the Publisher will refund the difference using the same payment method you used for the original purchase (credit card, check, or PayPal).

How do I request a refund?
You may request a refund for items purchased and accessed online and/or downloaded by contacting us by telephone or email ( or (262) 358-6574). Full refunds will be granted within thirty (30) days of purchase with the receipt of an affidavit signed by the customer that all digital and physical copies of purchased products have been deleted and destroyed. Refunds will be processed using the same payment method used by the customer for the original purchase (credit card, check, or PayPal).

I would like to place an order but I live in a different country (other than the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom). What do I do?
Wonderful! Please contact the publisher directly at or (262) 358-6574 to arrange the order.

What it your Privacy Policy?
Please read the full text of our privacy policy. Spirit and Truth Publishing will keep your information private and promises to never give, sell, or distribute your information without your express consent.

What does it mean in the EULA that the curriculum products are “licensed and not sold”?
Spirit and Truth Publishing offers its educational products as downloadable PDF files using an industry-standard End User License Agreement (EULA). With a physical book, a person or congregation can use it as much as they want, and when they are done with it, they can pass it along to another person or congregation as a gift, loan, or sale. And, after this gift, loan, or sale, the original purchaser no longer has the book to read or use. With computer files like the curriculum PDFs, an original purchaser can make a copy of the file and send it to someone else (as a gift, loan, or sale) and still continue to use the files themselves. To make it clear that this is a violation of copyright law and the trust of the publisher, we have designated our curriculum products as “licensed and not sold” through our EULA. As the purchaser and end user, you are welcome to make as many copies (physical or electronic) as you need to use the curriculum at the purchasing congregation. The license, once purchased, is also permanent, so there are never any licensing renewal fees or the like (although future add-ons, including new lessons are not included in the purchasing price).

What if I have other questions not answered here?
If you have any other questions, please call the publisher or use the contact form found on the contact page. We’d love to hear from you!