Narrative Lectionary (2022-2023, Year 1)

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Living the Word: Teaching God’s Story (Narrative Lectionary)

Narrative Lectionary Resources

Is your congregation Living the Word? Do you want to bring them into the sweeping story of God and God’s people as revealed in the Bible? Living the Word: Teaching God’s Story (Narrative Lectionary) is a set of full-year faith formation resources for students of all ages! These materials teach participants the story of God’s love in Scripture and, if your congregation is using the Narrative Lectionary in worship, match what participants learn in their class or small group to what they hear in the service. Living the Word (Narrative Lectionary) facilitates better engagement with participants in the worship service and furthers discussions of faith in the home!

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We also have resources for the Revised Common Lectionary! Click here to find out more!

It was a huge blessing to learn that Spirit & Truth Publishing creates curriculum to follow the Narrative Lectionary for every age! Our volunteers and staff love that the curriculum provides multiple options, new ideas, and helps relate the Bible stories to our lives today.

Kyrstin Schwartz, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries, Faith Lutheran Church





Kids (PK-2nd)

Teach the story of God's love.

Youth (6th-12th)

Engage your youth in God's story.

Cross+Gen Worship

Explore God's story together in worship.

Contexts & Connections

Dig into the background of each Bible passage.

Kids (3rd-6th)

Journey through the story of God's love.

Cross+Gen Education

Explore God's story together in the classroom.

Planning Tool

A free, digital resource for planning.


Singing God's Story

Reinforce learning with song.

Small Groups

Dive into God's story in your small group discussions.

Weekly Devotional

Devotional resource for your households.

Daily Bible Readings

Follow the biblical story, every day.

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