Learning Together Overview

Do you have Sunday school during the summer and struggle to find a curriculum that works for you? Are you looking for a VBS curriculum with less gloss and more substance? Do you want a particular educational focus for Lent, Advent, Epiphany, or even October (for example)? Pick the unit that works for you! Choose the topic that you are excited about!

Each unit includes a Unit Overview, Grouping Activity, Service Projects, Music Suggestions, Unit-long Project, VBS Suggestions, and Unit Supply List.

Each lesson includes a Lesson Overview, Background for Leaders, Large-group Opening Activity, Five Activity Stations (Storytelling, Craft, Science, Games, and Snack), Closing Prayer, and For the Home take-home guide.

The [Learning Together: God’s Gift of Water] program was engaging with developmentally appropriate activities for three years olds up to fifth graders. The children were engaged and participated as each learning center was designed on developmentally appropriate practice. I greatly appreciated how the children were engaged along with the Junior Volunteers and Ministry Team. It was an incredible learning experience.

Cheryl Henningsgaard, VBS Volunteer (Maple Grove, MN)

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Release Date/Availability

Investigate the significance of some of Jesus’ statements about himself in the Gospel of John, such as “I AM the bread of life.”

God created a beautiful universe and us to care for the air, water, earth, living things, and ourselves! Created in collaboration with the BibleWorm podcast.

What is justice, and why we are called to “do justice” as we follow Jesus?

Dive into stories of water throughout the Bible from Creation through Jesus walking on water.

Meet five of the women of the Hebrew Bible: Sarah, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, and Hannah.

Introduce participants to basic skills and information about  the Bible.

We can be heroes when we serve God and others with Ruth's loyalty, David's humility, Esther's courage, Paul's resilience, and the Good Samaritan's compassion.

Other possible unit topics include: Parables, Worship, Light, The Time of the Judges, The Church of Acts (multiple units), Esther, Moses, Ruth, David, Women of the New Testament, and many more!

Units will fall in the general categories of Bible Stories, People of the Bible, Love in Action, and General Themes. We will continue to release units every year. If you have suggestions or requests for unit topics, let us know through our Contact Form.