Mini Lessons for Kids (2024-2025)

2024-2025 RCL Gospel Readings (Annual) | 2024-2025 Narrative Lectionary Scope & Sequence

Various children holding hands outside. Our mini lessons are for all kids.

Do your elementary-age students leave worship for a short Sunday school or children’s church teaching? Do you need activities to match the Bible readings in worship, but you don’t want to pay for a full-size Sunday curriculum? That’s why we are creating new Mini Lessons for both the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary!

Living the Word: Mini Lessons (Revised Common Lectionary) and Living the Word: Mini Lessons (Narrative Lectionary) are each designed for use with all elementary ages (PK-6th grades). Each mini lesson includes brief background information for teachers and three activities: one activity that focuses on teaching the day’s Bible story and two additional activities to increase the fun!

Each curriculum follows the same calendar as our other RCL and NL products: Sept. 8, 2024, through June 8, 2025)



Short RCL lessons for all elementary ages.

Short NL lessons for all elementary ages.

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