Learning Together Series

Learning Together is a curriculum series designed with one thing in mind: flexibility. Lessons are designed to be used within:

  • Intergenerational classrooms
  • Rotation or traditional Sunday school classes
  • “One Room” Christian ed programs
  • Even Vacation Bible School!

This curriculum will consist of a collection of independent, thematic units with approximately five lessons each. You can use a unit of your choice for Lent (Advent, etc.), a few for the summer, or (eventually) six to eight units for a full program year.

Units will fall in the general categories of Bible Stories, People of the Bible, Love in Action, and General Themes. We will continue to release units every few months. If you have suggestions or requests for unit topics, let us know through our Contact Form.

Each unit includes a Unit Overview, Grouping Activity, Service Projects, Music Suggestions, Unit-long Project, VBS Suggestions, and Unit Supply List.

Each lesson includes a Lesson Overview, Background for Leaders, Large-group Opening Activity, Five Activity Stations (Storytelling, Craft, Science, Games, and Snack), Closing Prayer, and For the Home take-home guide.