Living the Word Series

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Learn and live out God’s Word with the faith formation resources in our Living the Word series!

Living the Word (Narrative Lectionary)

The largest selection of Living the Word products follows the Narrative Lectionary, a nine-month calendar of Scripture readings that engages participants in the story of God from creation through the early church.

We have Narrative Lectionary products for children, youth, adults, leaders, intergenerational classes, and intergenerational worship. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added a family curriculum designed to be used at home!

Living the Word (Revised Common Lectionary)

In 2020, we are introducing two new products in the Living the Word series. Both follow the popular Revised Common Lectionary and focus primarily on the weekly Gospel lessons and seasons of the church year.

We have Revised Common Lectionary products for intergenerational classes as well as an at-home, family curriculum designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Other Faith Formation Series

In addition to our Living the Word products, we have two other series.

  • Spirit & Truth: Teaching Kids the Heart of Worship– Our original faith formation product, this series is for lower and upper elementary students. Through stories, skits, and activities, students learn about worship, the liturgy, and the main festivals of the church year.
  • Chosen Together: Cross+Gen Confirmation: – This unique program engages confirmands with each other, their families, and their congregation. Each lesson can be taught in person or online, giving leaders flexibility to use this in many different contexts. Along with the written curriculum, Chosen Together comes with personal coaching by the writer to help you get the program going!