Special Orders

Do you like what you see on our website but can’t find exactly what you are looking for? We are now introducing Special Orders to help you get exactly what you need!

Download the Special Orders Request Form

What Is a Special Order?

A special order would be any order that is customized to your unique needs. These orders can fall within three main categories:

  • Custom Order
  • Customized Product
  • New Resource
Custom Order

A custom order would be a collection of lessons or other individual resources that we currently publish, but you would like them collected in a different manner. For example, a custom order could include:

  • Living the Word: Youth lessons for once-a-month gatherings.
  • Living the Word: Kids (PK-2nd) lessons for the Gospel of John.
  • All of the lessons on the Book of Acts for a Cross+Gen classroom setting.
  • All of the skits from our Spirit & Truth: Kids (3rd-6th) Liturgy Unit without the rest of the lessons.
Customized Product

A customized product would be one or more products we currently publish, but you would like some specific change to it. Instead of merely gathering together files, we would customize them to fit your needs. Perhaps:

  • In the above custom order of the Book of Acts lessons, you would like the dates changed to when you are planning to use them.
  • You would like the Acts lessons to be connected smoothly together so that each last week and next week fits this new collection (rather than the sequence they were originally published in).
  • You would like the activities in a certain number of lessons to be adapted for a classroom of students with special needs.
New Resource

While a custom order or customized product starts with resources we currently have published, a new resource is something we have not yet done. This would be something that would be very specific to your needs. For example, you might want:

  • A six-week study on stewardship for your youth group.
  • A series of Bible studies on the Psalms for a 3rd-6th-grade retreat.
  • A fifteen-minute skit on the life of King David to be performed in worship by an intergenerational group of seven to ten actors.

In 2017, our publisher, Gregory Rawn, was commissioned by the nonprofit organization Lutheran World Relief to create a 7-session Bible study for a new resource, Project Bridge. Project Bridge is an interactive experience that takes groups on a virtual tour around the world to see how their faith can transform the lives of people living in poverty.

“Greg did a fantastic job on the Bible study portion of Project Bridge! He was very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and provided the right biblical grounding to fit the audience and the experience as a whole!”

Cari Armstrong, Senior Program Associate for Outreach and Engagement,
Lutheran World Relief | IMA World Health

Pricing for special orders will be determined using several factors.

  • A custom order would likely be priced based on the normal cost for individual lessons per product, which itself would be based on the attendance ranges used with the original product(s). See an example with our Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education Single Lessons.
  • A customized product would likewise be based on the per lesson price, but there would also be a preparation fee for the additional work required for customization.
  • The cost of a new resource would depend on the amount of work required to produce the new material and affected by the specific copyright agreement (see note below).
Process & Timeline

All special orders would begin with the submission of our Special Orders request form. This would be followed by a conversation (over email or phone) to clarify what you are looking for and when you would like it. From this information, the publisher will determine if we currently have the capacity to take on that particular project and then submit a price quotation with our timeline to you within ten (10) business days.

The publisher retains the right to accept or reject all special order requests for any reason, which may or may not be provided to the requestor. All special orders must fit within our theological guidelines.

Once you receive a quotation, you can accept, reject, or have a conversation about the terms. Then work can begin!

Download the Special Orders Request Form

A Note on Copyrights

For all custom order or customized products, we at Spirit & Truth Publishing would retain the copyright for all base products.

For the customized aspects, part of the negotiation would be about who would own the copyright to the changes.

The conversation and negotiation for new resources would include a discussion of copyright ownership. The purchaser may ask for all rights, the purchaser and our company may share rights, or our company may retain all rights. The decision about rights will affect the price.