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2019-2020 Products Available

Time to launch our 2019-2020 products!

Today is the day! Our Living the Word faith formation resources for the 2019-2020 program year are now available to order. Be sure to grab the coupon code at the end of this post (valid for a limited time only)!

What Is Living the Word?

Living the Word is a series of faith formation products that help participants of all ages engage in the story of God and God’s people found in the Bible. Each lesson (or equivalent) covers one of the Bible readings assigned by the Narrative Lectionary, a four-year cycle of Bible readings that moves through the Bible from creation to the early church each of the nine-month “years.” In addition to readings from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and Acts & the letters of Paul, each of the four years focuses on one of the four Gospels. The 2019-2020 program year is considered Year 2 in the Narrative Lectionary, and the Gospel focus is Mark. You can download one-page overviews of every Narrative Lectionary reading or the Scope & Sequence of the readings covered by our curriculum products. For more information, see our Living the Word FAQ and What is the Narrative Lectionary?

Living the Word Products

The following is a list of each of our Living the Word (Year 2; 2019-2020) resources. Click the links to find out more about each product.




Bible Background

Digital Downloads & Release Dates

All of our products are digital downloads, so you can download files as soon as they are purchased and released! Product availability can be seen on our full listing of Release Dates. If you purchase a product before all of its quarters are released, they will be added to your account when they are available and you will be sent an email notification.

Flexible Pricing

The pricing for our Cross+Gen Worship, Cross+Gen Education, Kids (PK-2nd), Kids (3rd-6th), Youth, and Small Group Guides are based on the estimated average attendance for the ministry or ministries that will be using that product (or the number of small groups for our Small Group Guides product). This makes our products more accessible for smaller congregations and new ministries! You can see a summary of all of our pricing on our Living the Word Product Pricing List.

Free Resources

In addition to our paid products, we offer free resources, including

Special Orders

For the first time, we are offering the opportunity for congregations to make special orders. If you would like to order something that is not readily available on our website, please contact the publisher by phone or using our contact form with a description of what you are looking for. Once the publisher has enough information, he will create a quotation for the special order, including the price and estimated completion date. The pricing will be based on the same amounts and principles as the rest of our products and will include an additional preparation fee, based on the amount of work required to create the special order. Special orders can include:

  • A unique collection of currently available materials (e.g. Living the Word: Youth lessons for once a month).
  • Customized or newly created faith formation resources.
Early Bird Special!

As a reader of this blog, I’d like to offer you a limited-time offer. Save 15% on your entire order of any or all of our products, using coupon code: Y2BLGLNCH. This offer is valid until February 28, 2019, and cannot be combined with other offers.

Always, please contact me if you have any questions!

In Christ,

Gregory Rawn


If you are looking for products for this current Spring (Lent through Pentecost Sunday), check out our Living the Word (Year 1; 2018-2019) resources!

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