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Stuck at Home? New Products!

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Many of us are struggling to figure out how to move forward in worship and faith formation for the 2020-2021 program year, given the many unknowns of this COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on your area, you may be currently transitioning back to in-person worship and faith formation, planning to stay at home at least for the fall, or still trying to make a plan. And, I hate to bring it up, but there exists the possibility that another wave of the illness can return. So, even if you are planning to go back to some new normal this fall, it’s best to have a backup plan.

Faith Formation @ Home

While we have always emphasized faith formation at home, this pandemic has made it imperative to equip households with the resources to form faith in the home. It is in response to this situation that we are introducing two new products in family faith formation.

Both new products are designed to follow their respective lectionary with short lessons to be emailed (or otherwise sent) to families. Activities use common supplies and are specifically written with families in mind. Pricing is based on the number of families who will be using the materials at your congregation. Check out the sample lessons and preorder today at the links above!

Daily Devotions

These two curricula join our longtime product Living the Word: Sharing God’s Story @ Home, a weekly devotional resource that follows the Narrative Lectionary. This includes a list of daily Bible readings, prayers, conversation starters, and many other things for daily or weekly devotions at home. It has been traditionally printed and included in congregations’ worship bulletins, which is why we often refer to it as a “bulletin insert.” However, each week’s resource is a separate PDF file that can be emailed to households (with or without children) when you don’t have physical bulletins (or even when you do).

Free Summer Resource

This summer, I am creating a free weekly devotional resource based on a combination of our Sharing God’s Story @ Home (NL) bulletin inserts and the take-home pages from the Living the Word: God’s Word @ Home (RCL) and new Living the Word: Cross+Gen Education (RCL). See the download links in my weekly blog posts!

It is our hope that you will find resources in our product catalog that will help you and your families continue the important work of faith formation, no matter the circumstances.


Gregory Rawn (Publisher)

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