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Chosen Together Online Community

  • Do you need to lead confirmation online this year (or at least the fall)?
  • Would you like more than Zoom has to offer?
  • Are you concerned about using Facebook due to privacy or other concerns?

I am very excited to announce a brand-new addition to our Chosen Together: Cross+Gen Confirmation program.

You can now subscribe to a private, safe, online community to accompany our Chosen Together curriculum. A subscription will give your confirmation class:

  • A safe, private, and distraction-free digital meeting space.
  • Access to the Chosen Together curriculum as an online course.
  • The ability to participate via the website or a mobile app.
  • Leaders can connect with other church leaders for learning, sharing, and support.

It’s like having a Facebook group, but so much better. Like Facebook, you can hold discussions, message members, share videos, articles, and images, create polls or questions, and more. You can host events such as live chats, video streaming, or Zoom meetings. You can even access all of this from the web or through a mobile app.

But, unlike Facebook, the members you invite do not need to sign up for a distracting social media platform (which requires members to be at least 13 years old). There are no advertisers, there are not any questionable uses of their private information, and confirmands will only interact with those in your own group. And you are in control of the people you invite, so you can include confirmands, mentors, parents, volunteers, and more!

On top of that, through this community, you can now access the Chosen Together curriculum as an online course, complete with lesson introduction videos from the curriculum writer herself, Natalie Hall!

You can find out more information or order today!

Gregory Rawn (Publisher)

As this is an addition to our Chosen Together curriculum, you must either be purchasing this at the same time as the curriculum product or already be a proud owner of Chosen Together. If you have any questions, please respond to this email or call me at (262) 358-6574.

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