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New Online Confirmation!

Update (8/13/2020): The Chosen Together: Online Community is launched and ready! Check it out and subscribe today!

Update (8/7/2020): We have a lot more information available now, but we are working on the last few details needed to launch the product. You can see detailed information at our Chosen Together: Online Community page. The links to the product itself are not live yet but will be within a week! We are also working on a sample Group (online meeting space) for you to explore. More information soon!

I have some really exciting news! We know that planning for confirmation class right now has so many unknowns. If you are planning on (or considering) going online for at least part of the year, we have a surprise for you!

We will now be offering our Chosen Together: Cross+Gen Confirmation on an online community platform. What does this mean? It means that you can move your class to a safer, private digital space. What’s included?

  • A private online meeting space
  • The curriculum is an online course (with video introductions)
  • Pandemic adaptations to the curriculum
  • Coaching and support for leaders
  • A safer (and less distracting) alternative to Facebook, etc.
  • It has a mobile app!

We will have more details next week!

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