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New Product: Learning Together!

Learning Together—Spirit & Truth Publishing’s newest faith formation curriculum—will be a series of independent, thematic units intended for intergenerational classes, rotation or traditional multi-age Sunday school, and even Vacation Bible School!

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Announcing Learning Together!

I am excited to announce that we have been working on something new here at Spirit & Truth Publishing. In addition to the Narrative Lectionary resources we have been publishing for years, the Revised Common Lectionary resources we started for the 2020-2021 program year, our intergenerational confirmation curriculum, and our original liturgy and worship curriculum…we are introducing Learning Together!

Independent Units

Flexibility is this product’s middle name (if it had one, that is). Learning Together is a curriculum based on five-week, thematic units. Each unit is independent of each other, so you can purchase one for Lent (Advent, etc.), three for the summer, or 6-8 for a program year (once we have that many). New units will be coming out every few months for the next couple of years, with the goal of perhaps 20 units total. (If you have requests for unit topics or themes, let us know!)

Target Audience

Who is this product for, you might be wondering? Again, we return to flexibility. You can use this in your:

  • Intergenerational classroom
  • Mixed-age Sunday school (traditional or rotation)
  • Vacation Bible School!

Do you want a particular educational focus for Lent (or Advent, Epiphany, or even October)? Pick the unit that works for you! Do you have Sunday school during the summer and struggle to find a curriculum that works for you? Are you looking for a VBS curriculum with less gloss and more substance? Choose the topic that you are excited about!*


Each unit comes with a brief unit overview, an activity to divide a larger group into small groups, a unit-long project, service project suggestions, music suggestions, and even a guide to use that unit in Vacation Bible School! Each lesson will have:

  1. Background information
  2. A large-group opening activity
  3. 5 stations
    1. Storytelling
    2. Craft
    3. Games
    4. Science
    5. Snack
  4. Closing prayer
  5. A “For the Home” devotional resource (take-home)
Upcoming Units

The first unit to be published will be on “The I AM Statements of Jesus” from the Gospel of John. This will be released in January with plenty of lead time to use it for Lent. [If you would like to use this unit in the Season after Epiphany, contact us and we can see what we can do about that.]

We are just getting started on our second unit “Do Justice,” which will be released in the spring (our current goal is in April 2022).

Pricing and Pre-orders

The details on pricing, pre-orders, and sample information will be coming soon, but the pricing will be based on the program size (average estimated attendance of whatever group you will be using it for) as we do for all of our curriculum products. If you want to be kept up to date on the particulars, sign up for our e-newsletter or send me a message through our contact form!

In Christ,

Gregory Rawn, Publisher

* Since we are just starting out, we will naturally have fewer choices available. In our ideal scenario, for 2022 we will have one unit available for Lent, three for summer, and eight for the program year (if you are willing to have one to two months of preparation time per unit). For more choices, we can create special orders of select lessons from our Narrative Lectionary curricula (on Acts, Genesis, Exodus, etc.)

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