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The Church at Home: Holy

The Holiest of Weeks
The painting "Entering Jerusalem" by Wilhelm Morgner (1912)

Holy Week is the common term for the week from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday (April 5-11 this year), which includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. In terms of our faith, Easter is our most important holy day, followed by Good Friday, then Christmas. It is because this Jewish man roughly two thousand years ago rose from the dead that we even notice that he was killed on the cross (there were many men crucified by the Romans that we have never heard of). And, it is because this man died and rose again that his birth is a wonder to behold. While Santa has taken over Christmas, and (less so) the Easter Bunny has taken over Easter, the days of Holy Week remain only for Jesus’ followers.

Worship Attendance

While you might not have attended worship on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and/or Good Friday in the past, that was likely for personal reasons: illness, work, previous commitments, or personal choice. Now you cannot go to worship this year. I pray that this is a once-in-a-lifetime disruption of our traditions.

Observing the Week

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot observe (the church-speak for “do something about”) these holy days that remind us of the last week of Jesus’ earthly life. I can pretty much guarantee you that your pastor and worship leaders are scrambling (or have scrambled) to adapt to this new scenario with online and/or at home worship options. Through the stress of our own adjustments to life during a pandemic, I hope you can use your congregation’s resources, our free devotional insert, and/or something of your own devising to mark off this week as special.

That Jesus is seen alive on Easter Sunday is only significant because he died on Good Friday, and likewise, Jesus’ death on Good Friday is only significant because he rose again on Easter. So, I urge you to plan how you (and anyone who can join you in body or spirit) can take this opportunity to remember and reflect the events of this holiest of times.

May the peace of our crucified and risen Lord be with you during this holy season.


Gregory Rawn (Publisher)

When you download the free Sharing God’s Story @ Home devotional insert, linked below, you will have a resource to guide daily devotional time. Using this resource and your own creativity, design devotions for yourself and your family or friends. I will be providing this resource for free on a weekly basis, so check back at this blog each week!

I hope this will be helpful for you in the days ahead.

Devotional Insert for Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday (April 5th to April 11th)

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