Detailed Download Instructions

All of our products are digital downloads, and all of them are documents in the PDF file format, with the exception of our Living the Word: Singing God’s Story music accompaniment files, which are in MP3 format.

Each lesson (or other individual resource) is a separate file. In order to make it easier to download, files are gathered together in compressed (ZIP) files by product and quarter. Therefore, the fall lessons for our Living the Word: Kids (PK-2nd) curriculum would be gathered in a single ZIP file.

You can also see a visual download instructions PDF file.

Note: Each product-quarter might be available for download at different times throughout the months leading up to the start of the program year. You can see the estimated upload dates for each product-quarter on our Release Dates web page. These files will be added to your Customer Account (more information below) when they are available.

If you do not see a particular quarter in your Customer Account, please check the Release Dates page to see if it has been uploaded yet. The publisher will send emails to customers when each product-quarter has been uploaded.

The email you received when your order was complete will contain download links for each of the product-quarters that were available at the time of order. Those links will only be active for a short amount of time. If you wish to download those files after those links become inactive or download product-quarters that were not available at the time of order, please use the instructions below.

Download Instructions
  1. To download your purchases, please click on the “Customer Login” link at the bottom right of each of our web pages.  
  2. Your username is the portion of the email address you used to make the order before the @ symbol (with some exceptions as explained below), or you may enter your full email address (which will always work). Our system will add a number to the end of common email usernames such as “office” or “pastor.” The precise username for our system can be found in the second paragraph of the completed-order email you received.
  3. You selected a password on the checkout page when you ordered. There is a “Lost Your Password” link on the login page if you have forgotten your password.
  4. Once logged in, the third blue link on the left-hand side is “Downloads.” Click on it.
  5. On the right side should be a list of files to download. The rightmost column is marked “Download.” Click on the purple button below that for the files that you wish to download.
Accessing the Files
  1. The rest of the steps depend in part on the operating system (Windows or Mac) and the web browser you are using. The following steps assume a Windows operating system and the Chrome browser.
  2. After clicking the purple button, the download should begin and the compressed (ZIP) file should appear in your Downloads folder.
  3. Double-clicking on the ZIP file should open it and you should see a folder inside with a name that corresponds to the product and quarter you are looking for [e.g. LtW- Kids 3rd-6th Lessons (Year 4- Fall)].
  4. Click on that folder and extract it. The easiest way is to copy the folder (in Windows 10, right click the folder and select “Copy”; Ctrl+C also works). There is also an extract menu at the top of the window that you can use.
  5. Navigate to the place on your computer where you’d like to have the files (a default could be the Desktop), and paste the folder there (right click the Desktop (or other location) and select “Paste”; or type Ctrl+X).
  6. The product-quarter folder should appear in the location you have pasted it to. Open the folder and then open the individual lesson documents. You should be able to print or otherwise use the lesson plans now!

If you have any difficulty with these steps, please contact the publisher, telling him what you have been able to do and where you are having difficulties. You can use the Contact Form or call him at 262-358-6574.