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Classroom: Kids (3rd-6th; Year Green) – Schools




Living the Word: Classroom (3rd-6th) – Year Green (Schools)
Engage your students in key Bible stories and characters.

Engage your third through sixth graders with key Bible stories from creation through the early church. Living the Word: Classroom (3rd-6th) for Schools is:

  • Easy-to-use, theologically sound, and effective
  • Designed to engage multiple intelligences and provide age-appropriate activities
  • Fun for teachers and students
  • Inclusive
  • Developed by seasoned Christian education professionals

Living the Word: Classroom (3rd-6th, Year Green) for Schools is the second year (in terms of publication) in a two-year curriculum, the first being called Year Blue. The order in which you use the two years does not matter.

Living the Word: Classroom (Year Green) curricula are currently available for pre-order. See our Release Dates page for estimated publishing dates. Year Blue curricula are available for download now. 

  • Pre-Order Only- At this time, the Living the Word: Classroom (3rd-6th, Year Green) for Schools lessons are available for pre-order only. See our Release Dates page for more information.
  • Release Dates- Lessons are published by quarter and available for download throughout the winter, spring, and summer. Please see our Release Dates page for up-to-date information. Customers will receive emails once quarters are available for download.
  • Download Instructions- All products are digital files and can be downloaded from your Customer Account after your order has been paid for and the lessons have been published online (see our Release Dates page for details). Your Customer Account will be automatically created upon order completion. For more information on downloads, see our Detailed Download Instructions page.
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  • Full Year: 38 Lessons
  • Fall: 13 Lessons
  • Winter: 13 Lessons
  • Spring: 12 Lessons

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