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Learning Together: Created to Care




Learning Together: Created to Care
God created us to care for the world, others, and ourselves!

Engage your participants in the joy of God’s creation and our call to take care of it in this fun, easy-to-use curriculum, perfect for classrooms, VBS, and family events.  The world is a gift and so is our God-given responsibility to care for the air, water, earth, living things, our neighbors, and ourselves.

The Learning Together series is designed for flexibility with individual units on specific topics or themes. The five-lesson units can be used for intergenerational or elementary-age participants in traditional or rotation-model classes. Some customers have enjoyed using Learning Together lessons with their youth/confirmation. They can even be used in a Vacation Bible School!

Each unit includes a Unit Overview, Grouping Activity, Service Projects, Music Suggestions, Unit-long Project, VBS Suggestions, and Unit Supply List.

Each lesson includes a Lesson Overview, Background for Leaders, Large-group Opening Activity, Five Activity Stations (Storytelling, Craft, Science, Games, and Snack), Closing Prayer, and For the Home take-home guide.

  • Sample: Since Learning Together units are short, we do not provide a full sample lesson for each unit as we do with the rest of our products. Instead, the sample you can download below gives you a taste of what you can expect from Learning Together lessons with the full first lesson of our unit “The I AM Statements of Jesus.” You should also know that you can get that “I AM Statements” unit for FREE when you sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter. You can also contact us if you have any further questions.
  • Digital Product: All Spirit & Truth Publishing products, including Learning Together, are digital products that can be downloaded to your computer or other devices. No physical items are sold.
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Learn More:

  • Lesson 1: Air and Sky
  • Lesson 2: Earth and Waters
  • Lesson 3: Animals of Water and Air
  • Lesson 4: Land Animals and People
  • Lesson 5: Sabbath and Rest

This Learning Together unit is a collaboration with BibleWorm, a weekly Narrative Lectionary podcast hosted by biblical scholars Amy Robertson and Robert Williamson. For Summer 2024, BibleWorm has a six-week series on creation that parallels our Created to Care curriculum, following the Bible passages we include in our lesson background’s “Connections” section. For each week, BibleWorm provides podcasts, worship liturgies, and video Bible studies for use in worship and study. Use BibleWorm’s series with this unit to focus on stewardship of God’s creation in preaching, worship, and Christian education! See www.biblewormpodcast.com or patreon.com/biblewormpodcast for details.

[Learning Together] is VERY user-friendly. It has such wonderful options for presenting and reinforcing the weekly topic. The kids are remembering the lessons from week to week to week, and hopefully for their lifetime.

Terri Wolfgram, Gallatin Valley Lutheran Fellowship, Belgrade, MT

Learning Together: Created to Care is incredibly flexible and provides you with a depth of learning that should not be missed. Families are more likely to commit to classes that speak to what they value and research is showing us that they value creation care. This would make an excellent study to use with parents and children, as well as grandparents. I would also love to use it with a group of children with the express purpose of them taking what they have experienced and learned and running workshops for the congregation on the various topics included in Created to Care. I would also love to use this unit as a VBS alternative, bringing the activities outdoors on summer evenings for families to experience together. This is flexible enough that you could easily adapt portions of each session to be used in virtual classrooms. This flexible and thorough offering is worth your attention!

– Excerpt of a resource review by Elizabeth Christie of Practical Resources for Churches


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