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2024-2025 VBS and Sunday School!

Older hands giving Earth to a set of younger hands.
Care for Creation VBS (and More)

I am very excited to announce a NEW product for both elementary-age and intergenerational ministry: Learning Together: Created to Care!

Learning Together is a series of five-lesson units on a variety of topics (seven units at present, see below) from Heroes of the Bible, Do Justice, and Bible 101, just to name a few. These units can be used as an affordable VBS curriculum, family or whole-church events, a Lenten series, or even Sunday school classes (three to six units can cover a full program year).

2024-2025 Program Year Resources

Are you looking for something for the 2024-2025 program year?

Why Should You Choose Spirit & Truth Publishing?

Every Christian education program can find at least one resource that fits your needs in our catalog, but only if you want resources that are:

  • High quality and easy to use
  • Theologically sound and inclusive
  • Effective and fun for both teachers and students
  • Supporting a small, independent business committed to bringing you the best faith-formation resources for all denominations and traditions
Vacation Bible School, Lent, Sunday School, and More!

Our Learning Together series currently has units on seven different topics (download the series summary):

  1. The I AM Statements of Jesus (Get this unit FREE! See below.)
  2. NEW Created to Care (Perfect for VBS)
  3. Heroes of the Bible (Perfect for VBS)
  4. God’s Gift of Water (Perfect for VBS)
  5. Do Justice
  6. Women of the Old Testament
  7. Bible 101

Each unit has five lessons that can be used in Vacation Bible School, a whole-church series for Lent or another season, and rotation or traditional Sunday school, with both children’s ministry and intergenerational ministry!

Do you want a FREE curriculum? Sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter and download the Learning Together: The I AM Statements of Jesus five-lesson unit for free!

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